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When do I become a Participant in the Pension Fund?
You become a Participant on the first day of the month after you accrue 870 hours of work in 12 consecutive months.
What is the Fund’s Plan year?
The Plan Year is May 1 through April 30.
How do I earn a Year of Service?
You earn one (1) Year of Service for each Plan Year in which you accrue at least 870 hours of work.
When do I have a right to receive a benefit from the Pension Fund?
You are entitled to a benefit when you become “vested.” You will be 100% vested once you earn five (5) Years of Service.
What is a Break in Service Year?
A Break in Service Year is where you accrue less than 435 hours of work during a Plan Year. If before you are vested, you accrue five (5) consecutive Break in Service Years, you will suffer a Permanent Break in Service and your Years of Service will be cancelled and you will no longer be a Participant.
When would I become an Inactive Participant?
Should you have two (2) consecutive Break in Service Years, you become an Inactive Participant at the end of the second Break in Service Year. As an Inactive Participant, you are only eligible to receive those benefits that you are vested in and your benefits may be calculated different than an Active Participant.
What benefits does the Pension Fund provide?
The Fund provides Normal Retirement, Early Retirement, Vested Retirement, Disability and Death/Survivor Benefits.
What does it mean to “retire”?
This is an important concept. Please see Pages S-16 and S17 of the Summary Plan Description.
When will I be eligible for a Normal Retirement Benefit?
You are eligible for a Normal Retirement Benefit if you are an Active Participant and are at least 65 years old.
When am I eligible for an Early Retirement Benefit?
You are eligible for an Early Retirement Benefit if you retire while you are an Active Participant and you are

  • (1) At least 55 years old (and less than 65 years old), and have earned at least ten (10) Years of Service, or
  • (2) At least 62 years old (and less than 65 years old), and have earned at least five (5) Years of Service, or
  • (3) At least 55 years old (and less than 65 years old) and have satisfied the “85 points” requirements.
You do not need to retire in order to receive an Early Retirement Benefit if you have attained age 62 (that is, you can receive a benefit and continue working at the trade).

To learn more about Early Retirement Benefits, see Page S-26 to S-28 of the Summary Plan Description.
When will I receive the benefits in which I am vested?
If you have accrued at least five (5) but fewer than ten (10) Years of Service, you will be eligible for a monthly benefit payable when you reach age 62. This benefit would be based on the Normal Retirement provisions of the Fund.

If you accrued at least ten (10) Years of Service before you became an Inactive Participant, you will be eligible, at your option to begin receiving a reduced benefit on or after your 55th birthday.

For additional information on vesting, see Pages S-35 to S-37 of the Summary Plan Description.
In what form will my Retirement Benefit be?
The Pension Fund provides six (6) forms of benefits: Straight Life Benefit, 100% Qualified Joint and Survivor Benefit, 50% Joint and Survivor Benefit, 75% Joint and Survivor Benefit, Life – Ten Years Certain Benefit, and Life – Fifteen Years Certain Benefit.

Please see Pages S-17 to S-25 of the Summary Plan Description for a description of each form of benefit and sample calculations.
What happens if I return to work after my retirement benefits have started?
The Return to Work and Suspension of Benefits provisions are described on Pages S-28 and S-29 of the Summary Plan Description.
When am I eligible for a Disability Benefit?
You are eligible for a Disability Benefit if you become totally and permanently disabled while you are an Active Participant, under age 65, and must be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. Please see Pages S-29 to S-31 of the Summary Plan Description.
What should be done in the event a death?
It is important that the Fund office be notified of you or your spouse’s death and that a copy of the death certificate be sent to the Fund office as soon as possible.
If I die before retirement and am not married, are any benefits payable?
If you have not begun receiving your Retirement Benefits, and you are not married at the time of death and have earned at least five (5) vesting years since your latest Break in Service, your beneficiary will receive a lump sum benefit equal to the balance of all employer contributions made on your behalf since your latest Permanent Break in Service, less the value of any prior benefit paid to or on your behalf from the Fund.
What will my Spouse receive upon my death?
If you die prior to being eligible for a Normal, Early or Vested Retirement Benefit, your spouse may elect to receive a deferred monthly survivor benefit.

Should you be eligible for a Normal, Early or Vested Retirement benefit at the time of your death, but had not started it yet, your spouse will be eligible for an immediate 100% Joint and Survivor benefit.

Please refer to Pages S-31 to S-34 of the Summary Plan Description for additional information about Death and Survivor benefits.
How do I designate a Beneficiary?
To name a beneficiary, please complete the Pension Information Form.

Please keep in mind that if you have been married for more than one year, you must have your spouse’s consent to name a Beneficiary other than your spouse and cannot do so until you reach age 35. View and complete the Election to Waive Surviving Spouse Benefit Form.
Do I need to contact the Fund office if I am divorced?
Yes, it is important that prior to retiring, you submit copies of all entered and/or proposed Judgment of Divorces, Separation Agreements, Property Settlement Agreements and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO). When these documents are provided to the Fund office, the Pension Fund’s attorney will decide whether any portion of your retirement benefit has been assigned to your spouse, former spouse, child or dependent. You are encouraged to provide these documents as soon as they are entered and not wait until you retire, so that any issues that arise can be addressed in a timely manner.

Please see Pages S-37 and S-38 of the Summary Plan Description for additional information.
How can I receive an estimate of my Retirement Benefits?
Each year you will receive a Benefit Estimate Statement which provides you current information on your monthly accrued benefit.

If you wish to receive additional retirement information, including an estimate under the various benefit options, please contact the Fund office.
How can I apply for benefits from the Pension Fund?
It is recommended that you contact the Fund office about 3-4 months before your anticipated retirement date. This will allow you time to gather and submit all required documents. You start the process by contacting the Fund office to request an Application for Benefits.

After your request is received and processed by the Fund office, an Application for Benefits packet will be mailed to you for your completion.
Will income taxes be withheld from my monthly benefit?
Withholding for Federal and State of Michigan income tax will be withheld based on you completing the tax election forms. You should contact your tax preparer, advisor or accountant to discuss your personal tax situation before submitting your application. You may change your withholding at any time by contacting the Fund Office for or downloading the following forms:

Federal Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments: W-4P
Michigan Form MI W-4P Withholding Certificate
How do I sign up for direct deposit?
You can sign up to have your monthly Retirement Benefit deposited to your checking or savings account by completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

If you want to make a change to your direct deposit, please complete a new Direct Deposit Form for your new account and submit it to the Fund office as soon as possible.


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